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As many of you probably know, a lot of dogs don’t necessarily enjoy all of the fireworks, loud bangs, and celebration noises associated with the Fourth of July, so it’s useful to know how to calm your dog during fireworks displays.  

How To Calm Your Dog During FireworksInstead of it being a day of joyful parties and celebrations, it can quickly turn into a day of nervous panting, uncontrollable barking and result in your dog having a meltdown of their own variety. A stressed-out dog makes for a very long day of doing everything you can to help alleviate their suffering. 

Loud noises such as fireworks can scare a dog and make them very anxious. It can put them in a constant state of fear and panic. They may seek out shelter in a closet or comfort in your lap as their body quivers with nervous energy. It can be heartbreaking to watch them suffer as you seek to provide them with a sense of calm and reassurance.

Sometimes something as simple as a thunder vest can help provide them with a degree of relief. For some of our dogs, this has worked well and for others, we were forced to keep searching for additional options.  

Because fireworks can go on for hours with some neighbors who start celebrating early and others who celebrate past mid-night the toll it can take on your dog’s nerves is profound.  So, what can I give my dog for fireworks anxiety? Certainly, something that provides a calming benefit would be a welcome addition. 


How to Help Your Dog With Fireworks – A Natural Calming Product 

We discovered our dogs have done very well with broad-spectrum CBD that works to promote a state of calmness and help get rid of the nervous and nagging anxiety associated with the intermittent loud noises of fireworks. It can also be great for stressful situations.

How To Help Your Dog With FireworksEvery dog has their own things that bother them and no two dogs are the same. Some dogs love riding in a car and some dogs get nervous. Some dogs don’t mind loud noises and other dogs shake and have a look of panic. Some dogs can sleep through a thunder and lightning storm and other dogs will howl or bark or cower or have an accident on the floor. 

Whatever it is that causes your dog distress, there is a possibility you can find improvement in boosting your dog’s natural endocannabinoid system. Broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp that contains NO psycho-active THC has been reported to work well with dogs who get anxious or nervous due to varying external forces. 

While you can’t always control the environment your dog will be exposed to and get your neighbors to stop setting off fireworks, you can control what you choose to give your dog as a buffer against such disturbing circumstances. The calming effects reported by many dog owners who employ broad-spectrum CBD may well work wonders for your dog too. All-natural broad-spectrum CBD is non-toxic. That should give you peace of mind it won’t make anything worse. The only question is how much better your dog will respond when their body is getting fueled with natural broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp. 


Watch The Sparks Fly With Canis World

While every dog is different the chances you will notice good improvement seem strong. Canis World stands behind its product. The only thing you have to lose is your dog’s stress and fear. Give them a chance to be as happy as humans on the 4th of July with Canis World. It comes in natural and bacon flavors for their enjoyment. 

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