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Providing natural joint support for dogs is imperative for older or more feeble dogs who still love their playtime. Dogs are extremely intuitive and are keen to pick up on opportunities to play. They might give you the “sad puppy eyes” or run energetically in circles. They might even grab a toy and drop it at your feet as if to ask you “can we play now?”. 

As everyone knows, most dogs love playing with, chasing after, and fetching balls. Dogs get excited to play ball the same way humans might get excited to go to a concert, carnival, or a professional sports game.

Throwing a tennis ball around might be one of your dog’s favorite activities and although dogs may seem invincible and full of boundless energy, their joints simply aren’t. Sometimes, physical pain or damage to the joints is invisible and your pup can’t tell you that he or she is suffering. That’s why preventative care from Canis World is the best natural joint pain relief for dogs

Joint Support For Dogs

Why Playtime Is Important

Dogs live happily in the moment without worries about yesterday or the day ahead of them. When you and your furry friend are both focused on the activity at hand such as playing fetch, time goes by much faster. Being in the moment and staying engaged helps build your pet-caretaker relationship and even helps people understand what their pets need. 

Communication with your dog is key. If your pet approaches you with a toy in its mouth or nudges it towards you, he or she is trying to communicate that they would like to play with you. Dogs are incredibly sensitive animals and have an astounding ability to sense emotions. Pet owners have to be especially considerate of their dog’s emotional and physical needs. 

Playtime is important for overall wellness, even for an aging dog. However, living happily and staying active can be tough if a dog is suffering from joint pain and stiffness.


What Is Canis World?

Canis World is a superior brand of 100% natural hemp oil. Hemp oil, commonly referred to as cannabidiol (or CBD for short), has been observed to help fight inflammation and to improve the immune system in mammals. Hemp oil is the perfect solution for natural joint support for dogs. It is lab-tested for purity and quality and all of Canis World’s products are THC-free so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting “high” from any psychoactive chemicals. 

Our hemp oil comes in fantastic, pet-friendly flavors like cheese and bacon and is easy to dispense with the included measurable eyedropper. Depending on the size of your dog, a drop or a couple drops directly to the mouth or their favorite treat is all they need to give their immune systems a boost and provide better mobility for their stiff joints.


Your Dog Will Thank You

Even though they’re incapable of speaking, a dog will express their gratitude by wagging its tail, smiling, and giving you that knowing look of appreciation. Gratitude is imperative for living a happy and balanced life, and every dog is grateful for Canis World. An article from UC Berkeley states that “Over the past two decades, studies have consistently found that more people who practice gratitude report fewer symptoms of illness, including depression, more optimism and happiness, stronger relationships, more generous behavior, and many other benefits.”  

So, what’s the take-away of all of this? It’s all about being in the moment. It’s about increasing your focus. It’s about being sensitive to the needs of others and appreciating the little moments that life gives you. A dog is always grateful to spend a single second with you, so try to see things from their perspective. Improving their quality of life will improve your quality of life, so browse our catalog today and give your four-legged pal the relief they deserve.

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