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CBD Oil Dosage For Cats (Control Dosing Using the Dropper)

There are many advantages to using a product that is an oil and administered to your cat via a dropper (or using some of our other administration techniques on the administration page).

    1. You have precise control over the dosing you provide to your cat.
    2. The delivery of cannabidiol via an oil using a dropper has been shown in research to be the most effective delivery method for stabilization.

Understanding the Dropper Unit of Measurements

Canis World Cat 1000 Product Line

  • 1ml =    33.33 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .75ml = 25 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .5ml =   16.66 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .25m =    8.33 mg of active cannabinoids

Canis World Cat 500 Product Line

  • 1ml =    16.66 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .75ml = 12.45 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .5ml =     8.33 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .25m =    4.15 mg of active cannabinoids

Canis World Cat 250 Product Line

  • 1ml =      8.33 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .75ml =   6.25 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .5ml =     4.15 mg of active cannabinoids
  • .25m =    2.08 mg of active cannabinoids


Canis World Cat 1000

Drop oil on a treat or directly in cats mouth.  Use 0.12mL (1/8 dropper or roughly 3 drops) per 10 pounds of body weight, or as desired. Spread dosing out twice a day.

It is important to note that some cats that are older or may have more stiffness or more severe issues being addressed the dosing could be higher and tailored specifically for your cat.

When taking other vet pharma medications we advise to wait 2 hours after administering vet pharma being administering CBD.

If you have specific questions, just ask us and we will be happy to give you feedback and guidance.




Canis World Cat 500

Drop oil on a treat or directly in your pet’s mouth.  Use 0.25mL (1/4 dropper or roughly 5 drops) per 10 pounds of body weight, or as desired.  Spread the dosing out to administer twice a day.

You are observing to note if your pet is achieving successful benefits for stiffness or mobility support etc.  The dosing can then be increased or slightly decreased specific to your cat’s response and needs.

There are variables that may impact the optimal dosing such as the age of your cat, activity level, the nature of the reason the Canis World supplement is being used, etc.

Every cat is NOT the same nor do they have the same needs which is yet another reason why Canis World products are optimal to give you ultimate control of ensuring your cat gets a quality product and dosing levels you can precisely control.

If you have specific questions, just ask us and we will be happy to give you feedback and guidance.



Canis World Cat 250

Drop oil on a treat or directly in your pet’s mouth.  Use 0.50mL (1/2 dropper or roughly 10 drops) per 10 pounds of body weight, or as desired.

Again you observe the dosing. You are observing to note if your cat is still achieving successful benefits for stiffness or mobility support etc.

Some cats increase the dosage level depending on the nature of the issue for your use of Canis World supplements for your cat.  Every cat is individually unique so there isn’t a one size fits all for dosing.

If you have specific questions, just ask us and we will be happy to give you feedback and guidance.

Canis World

Dosing Tips

Calculating the CBD oil dosage for cats is easy because Canis World products are ALL 30ml which is 1 fluid ounce. This means there are approx. 29-30 full droppers in each bottle.

As dogs and cats have different amounts of endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, it may take a little trial and error to find the amount that works for your pet. Canis World approaches CBD oil dosage for pets as more of a guideline rather than a strict set of rules, so feel free to experiment until your dog or cat starts feeling relief. We can provide a good starting point, but adjusting to find the proper CBD dosage for cats depends on a few variables.

When administering Canis World to your pet, our recommended route of administration is giving the product to your cat directly via their mouth. Allow your cat to investigate the dropper first to relieve any apprehension, and feel free to dab some of your cat’s favorite treat onto the side of the dropper, too.

The second method of administration requires a paper plate and a piece of your cat’s favorite treat. Using a little piece of cheese, some liver pate, or canned cat food, with Canis World CBD oil added on top, will encourage a hesitant cat to eat their CBD oil. Administering cat CBD oil with a treat will still give them the beneficial absorption they need.

Canis World has purposely elected to use hemp seed oil as the carrier oil for the cannabidiol (CBD), as it is more of a whole plant approach. We have also designed our products for optimal pet parent control with more precise dosing. Is a CBD dosage for cats easier to administer with treats?  That can be true, but we don’t sell pet treats for several reasons…

Pet treats with CBD have other ingredients that are sourced by vendors and plied with preservatives and additives. Quality and quality control issues can become problematic. We’ve seen this firsthand within the pet food industry. At Canis World, we prefer to work farm to table, so to speak. By extracting the hemp seed oil from seeds and combining it with cannabidiol from industrial hemp, we can create a “whole plant” supplement that allows pet parents to control the quality and dosing for themselves. Our goal here at Canis World is to utilize the full benefits of the hemp plant by instilling best farming practices, quality control measures, and pet parent support.

Dosing Timeframes

Canis World Broad Spectrum Hemp extract with CBD has specifically created the Canis World Cat product line to include a cheese flavor as well as natural flavor.  The lifespan of cannabinoids in a pets system is a window of 4-6 hours (length can depend on dog age, size, activity level etc.)

Therefore when dosing your cat the ideal is to administer Canis World Cat Products 2 to 3 times a day.

  • Relief dosing for cats with acute matters: optimal to dose 3 times a day.  For example: morning, end of so called business day and before bedtime.
  • Corrective dosing for cats who have a mild to moderate issue can be 2 to three times a day.
  • Maintenance dosing is for cats who have found a consistent steady dosage to maintain are given Canis World cat 2 times a day in an ideal setting to maintain the balance and stabaliation due to the life span in the cats system. 

Need help or have questions?  Just contact us!

Dosing 1 hour in advance

When using Canis World Cat products, some pet parents have placed the dosing on the pets food.  Some pets lick their bowl clean and this can be fine however we prefer to not have a pets meal combined with dosing.

We prefer to see dosing an hour before OR an hour after a pets meal.

In some instances pet parents observe favorable benefits in their pets within an hour or less.  In some cases it may be a day or two.  However, pets can require 2-3 weeks before their endocannbinoid system starts to stablize before you may observe results.

Dosing with other vet pharma

Canis World Cat Product line has a general rule of thumb that cats who may be taking vet pharma should take their vet pharma 2 to 3 hours before administration of Canis World.

As always we recommend you open a diaglog with your veternarian if you have questions.

Administration of Canis World Cat Products

Cats are all very individual and unique in their personalities therefore the optimal method of delivery is using the dropper that is provided with the Canis World Cat Products and administering the dose directly into the cats mouth.  Some cats do very well with this delivery and others, not as much fun for them.

A secondary dosing method cat parents are utilizeis simply using a paper plate with some of your cats favoriate treats/snack whether that means a special cat food you dab onto the plate or a liver pate’ etc. and then you can add your Canis World Cat drops to this and have the cat lick the special treat off of the paper plate (or bowl – whatever works best for your cats specific personality)

Some cat parents report their cat has a special “all time favorite” special treat or food item.  Some pet parents can use cat food, add the drops and delicately roll that into a ball shape to have handy to give to your cat.  One may ask why not just buy a pre-made cat cannabidiol treat?  You can’t control the specific dosage needs that are unique to your cat.  Additionally, there is no need to add other ingredients that you aren’t in directly control/knowledge of specific sourcing whether that is the binding ingredients pet treats utilize etc.  We prefer a natural, organic approach and you can add other supplements to your cats diet individually that you specifically select and control.

Canis World Product line is about delivering high-quality, clean and pure products that are natural, organic and no additives.  Our Canis World Cat cheese flavor simply has a cheese flavor extract added – much like adding a vanilla extract when baking cookies etc.

Canis World

Discover the Canis World Advantage

Canis World is unlike other pet brands.  We have a basic philosophy of only the best for our pets which means the highest quality standards and quality control measures.  Canis World is not only third-party lab tested but we randomly pull product and send to a certified laboratory for cross quality control testing.

Unleash the power of Canis World for your pet

When you purchase from Canis World, you become part of our Canis World Crew.  We deeply care about each and every one of our pet pals.  Support is always provided to help answer any questions or offer guidance.  We always recommend you talk with your veterinarian and let them know you are using Canis World products for your pet.  Does your veterinarian have questions?  We are happy to speak with your veterinarian.  We work with some veterinarian partners that currently have remained “behind the curtain” so to speak.  Buy with confidence.  Canis World was created for the pets with quality and integrity of the utmost importance as we accept nothing but the best when it comes to our beloved pets.


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