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Proper CBD Oil Dosing For Pets

Accurate CBD oil dosing for pets is easy with Canis World. ALL products are 30ml which is 1 fluid ounce. This means there are approx. 29-30 full droppers in each bottle.

Be sure to review the administration page on delivering Canis World products to your pet(s).

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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs (Dog Dosing)

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Our preferred administration: Simply administer directly to your dog via their mouth (as you will see in the video). Remember to take time to introduce the dropper to your dog.  Dab a little piece of their favorite treat on the side of the dropper when first introducing them.

A second administration method: Use a paper plate and a little piece of your dog’s favorite treat such as peanut butter, cream cheese, or liver pâté, then place the Canis World pet CBD oil dosage onto the plate for the dog to lick (they can still gain a nice absorption through the tissues in their mouth).

Our last method of administering:

You could also use a small piece of bread and place the desired dose onto the bread, as the bread acts like a sponge and absorbs the oil. You can then dab a little of your pets favorite treat onto the bread and give it as a little treat (shown in the above video). For dogs with very real needs, we prefer one of the above two methods of administration.

We understand pet treats or chews can be more “convenient” to administer to a pet, and if this is true for you and your dog, we prefer you to make some of your own treats. This way you can control the quality, the types of ingredients and the CBD dosage for pets. No two pets are alike so we don’t like to add other “supplements” to our product. It is not one size fits all when it comes to our unique pets and their individual needs and preferences. You can make frozen treats using baking molds, ice cube trays, or you can make baked treats. If you’re going to bake your treats, take care to bake Canis World products at a low temperature (under 300 degrees).

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Cat Dosing

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Our preferred administration is giving the product to your cat directly via their mouth.  It is helpful to allow your cat to investigate the dropper initially.  Introduce the dropper and dab a little of your cats favorite treat onto the side of the dropper such as a liver pate’ or a dab of canned cat food, cheese etc.

A second administration method: for dosing is to take a paper-plate and dab a little of your cats favorite treat on the plate such as a liver pate’, cheese, or canned cat food etc. and then place the Canis World selected dosing onto the plate for the cat to lick.  They can still gain a nice absorption through the tissues in their mouth. 

It may help to take a towel or blanket to wrap around your cat to allow them to feel comfort if they are initially stressed.

Some cat parents have had their cat lick the product off of their hand.

Canis World

It is important to be aware that Canis World specifically ships our products capped and sealed and the dropper containing the unit of measurement is on the side separately wrapped.  This is because the cannabidiol will fade the unit of measurement off of the dropper.  The dosing outlined on the dog dosing and cat dosing page(s) does not need to be “pin perfect”.  You may want to make your own markings on the dropper for reference.  You can use the dropper as a cap for the bottle.  This is perfectly fine as long as you are aware the unit of measurement will fade off of the dropper.  Once you know the 4 unit of measurement markings on a dropper it will become rather routine for you.

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