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For our Veterinarian Partners

Canis World is committed to working on education, understanding and guidance of the cannabidiol industry.


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CBD Oil For Veterinary Use


As the FDA has labeled cannabidiol as an investigational drug, we understand that veterinarians can’t prescribe or offer dosing recommendations to pet parents. That being said, we also know our veterinarian partners often have to field questions from pet parents inquiring about CBD oil for veterinary use or vet CBD for pets.

Part of the Canis World “cause” is to provide proper information rooted in research and collected data we acquire from various pet parents and veterinarians partners.

The Canis World initiative provides veterinarians with some of the foundational information about what to look for in product quality. Confirming third-party lab testing, ongoing quality control measures, understanding the best routes of administration, and understanding the carrier oils utilized by various petcare brands are crucial components to researching vet CBD oil for dogs.

University of Florida Research Beginning

There is a lot of exicting research getting underway by the University of Florida.  We can’t go into more detail here as the FDA deems mentioning, referencing or linking to any research is potentially considered a medical claim.  


Canis World Academy

Brief updates provided on industry news, laws, primer on cannabidiol, the endocannabinoid system, carrier oils explained, etc.

Pet Approved

Veterinarian and pet parent utilized for pet approval and documented cases.


Ongoing quality control measures for products that are safe and work in compliance


Controlled to allow pet parents to properly dose for specific pet using precision

Paying it forward

Giving back to the pets by donating a portion of proceeds to pet health and efforts