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How to Administer CBD Oil to Dogs

As a result of the research study exploring how to administer CBD oil to dogs, Canis World products were created uniquely for dogs to provide the best delivery method for stabilization. You can view the research referenced about the pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol administered by 3 delivery methods at 2 different dosages to healthy dogs > view the research. Because of the FDA guidelines, we can not directly link or provide other research studies on cannabidiol benefits, use or case studies. The above research can be provided as that study doesn’t make any medical claims or directly outline benefits of cannabidiol.  The above study was focused only on safety, toxicity and best delivery method which is why we are able to share this research directly.

Best Practice

Canis World products are best administered orally, by placing the dropper in your pet’s mouth. The tissues of the mouth offer the best absorption leading to the most optimal benefits and stabilization.

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Introducing the Dropper

Introduce the dropper to your pet so they view the dropper as non-threatening. To encourage your pet to approach the dropper:

  1.  Dab a little of your pet’s favorite treat such as peanut butter of cream cheese on the side of the dropper.
  2. Allow your pet to come to the dropper to investigate and view the dropper with a positive association.

How To Give CBD Oil to Cats and Dogs

We here at Canis World have three strategies for how to give CBD oil to dogs and cats. While our preferred administration method is to dose your pet using the dropper directly into the dog’s mouth, there are some other administration strategies you can explore. Below is a list of our administration strategies listed in order of preference.

  1. Administering Canis World directly into your pet’s mouth using the dropper.
  2. Using the Dropper, place the dosage on a paper plate (can also add a dab of your dog’s favorite foods like cream cheese, liver pate’, peanut butter, etc.  Most pets will happily lick Canis World dosage off of the paper plate when administering our products using this method.
  3. Using the Dropper, place the dosage on a small piece of bread.  The bread will nicely absorb Canis World products which can then be given to your dog like a treat.

QUESTION: Why not just buy or use pet treats with CBD? ANSWER: Pet treats are often made with low-quality ingredients and are packed with preservatives. Additionally, you can more precisely control the dosage your pet is taking when using Canis World Products.



Proper dosing

Canis World

Proper Storage

Canis World’s natural product for dogs and cats comes capped and sealed. The dropper for administration and dosing will be on the side and not in the product bottle, as the cannabinoids in the product will fade the unit of measurement off of the dropper. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND HEAT SOURCES. You can store Canis World products at room temperature. Our products do not require refrigeration and should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place such as a cabinet. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Heating Canis World products at too high of a temperature can result in the loss of terpenes, which are compounds that work in conjunction with cannabidiol (CBD) to increase its overall efficacy. If making a treat for your pet using Canis World, you can create cold frozen snacks easily, or when baking, be sure to bake at temperatures under 320 degrees. In fact, we don’t like baking over 280 degrees as a general overall rule.




Canis World Approach

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every pet is individually unique for his/her own needs. At Canis World we support an approach to use our product line in a 3-tier approach: Relief, Corrective and Maintenance. We don’t like to provide dosing guidance for us based on mere “drops” as in some cases with dogs over 25lbs it can tend to become difficult counting out 20 drops, 30 drops, etc.  This is why we capped and sealed out product bottles and the dropper with a unit of measurement is on the side.  When you receive your Canis World product, you will see the unit of measurement on the dropper.  Canis World products give pet parents control to tailor the dosing based on your pets individual needs whereas capsules or treats don’t afford pet parents that precision. Be sure to review our dosing page to learn more on dosages for your pet.  As always, we are always here to support our pet parents and answer any questions you may have.

– Canis World Team

Canis World is Paying it Forward

Canis World is all about the cause and paying it forward to our pet pals. When buying from Canis World you can be assured we only focus on full quality products that we use ourselves. We pay it forward by offering high-quality products at affordable prices AND we also work with a dog rescue transport organization and other rescue organizations.



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